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Music Lives I haven’t had this type of experience from an album in seven years, let alone by a Guelph artist. If you like adventure and imagination in your music, Cultures by Adverteyes is for you. For our full review, visit Favorite track: Stay Human.
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released April 10, 2013

All songs written, performed, produced, engineered, and mixed by Colin Harrington. (See individual track pages for additional performances) Recorded on a laptop in various peoples bedrooms, basements, living rooms, rehearsal spaces, soft-shelled outdoor hot tubs, and small businesses. Additional engineering by Matthew Fudge.
Mastered by Colin Harrington at Magnetic Sound Studios.

Huge thanks to our families, friends,and all of the fantastically beautiful musicians who contributed to the making of this recording. Also much thanks to Matt Fudge and Steve Hamilton at Red Tree, and Dan Beeson at Magnetic Sound Studios. Front Cover by Caroline Alkire. Album design by Colin.
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Adverteyes Guelph, Ontario

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Track Name: Romancing the Stone
sing me a song
about falling in love
with a four inch world
just hanging there all alone
with no one
filling them in
holding their hand
or turning them all on
Track Name: When I Was Jung
When I was young
I left my body on the lawn
my brain on a higher plane
sucked me up high just to explain

Don't forget us,
we'll be here
watching over,
we'll be here

As I get older its getting much harder to tell
The difference between thoughts and alien life forms unveiled

There are galaxies stuck between
my misfiring neurons and burnt out cells
Track Name: The Golden Touch
Let me explain it all to you
update your dated point of view
we've entertained it for to long
and this next wave is coming on strong

And we'll help you find
that your time is running out
Just so you know, it really shows
you're turning into to gold
while all the rest is rusting down
The water flows
The wind it blows things down

and we do not need you at all

Yes all you see, we earned it all
you too can be up with the gods
if you work hard
reach for the stars
all that you see here can be yours
Track Name: Down In Front
what life you see in front of you
what road to take, what point of view
never mind all of that
there's comfort and security
with ignorance and lethargy
close your eyes
lie back
we will take you on

or be doomed to spend eternity
without all the modern amenities
that only full admission to our culture will allow
like the shining star, the maple leaf
like diamonds in a formless sea

Predetermined, sedentary
lack of purpose
bored and nervous
Wheat, corn, meat and dairy
shiny surfaced, fast and worthless

When life its seems
is nowhere in between
the house the car
the credit cards
and fashion magazines
let light streams
come bursting through the seams
to blow apart your broken heart
with love and laser beams

When the light is gone from your eyes
Track Name: What are You (That I am Not)
I am a wealthy man
and you, that's what you want
work hard, stick to what you know
and you, that's what you are

Control, leave it to men who know
the sword and the microphone
Ignore the intellectuals
and you that's what you are

the worst of the raw meat
we hack up is fodder
food for the herds
we will bury you under
from the ocean to dry land
to fully formed
look at them now
they we are killing it all

Don't question our triumph of material form
our wheeling and dealing and cutting it up
or straight back to chaos we'll certainly fall
and never get up

If nothing we're saying will ever take hold
at least we know that we fought a good fight
we fought for the future
and fought for the land
we were clear of fear
and hard to control
hard and determined
cause we knew we were right
with science behind us
and truth by our side
but in spiritual warfare
the truth lost its might
but we never gave up

Somewhere out there, there must be
Track Name: It Takes One Asshole
It takes one asshole to ruin the show
you shift dimensions?
we're taping your phones
you're thinking free son?
we're turning you in
you see there's no reason to question
we've figured it out
just stay in old form
our fears and our doubts
we'll bring you downtown
we're weeding you out
I'll see you all lay down for me

Soon you'll learn how to be
grateful to be
mind controlled and right in sync
you're born to be
uninformed and right on key
and then you'll see
you were born to be

I will love you
Just like I was born to do
demons haunt you
from spectrums of your point of view
Track Name: Please be Grateful
We, we come to you
from long ago and far away
always with you
these dinosaurs don't go away

We remind you
the universe is loving
All is connected
just currently forgetting

How many times will we deny
what you are trying to show
we'll never know, and..
We recommend that you don't come again
'cause the human form
it's for consuming

And please be grateful
the world is unstable

all you serpents in all your towers
earthly demons, collectors of matter
with all your leisure, all of your time
don't stop baby until you've mined all mine

I will deny good will to life
follow in silence
keep it all inside
I will deny good will to life
if all is product
consume it all in time
Track Name: Spectrums
There is a life that's beyond
where we all can be one
there's no wars to be won
only songs to be sung

other worlds just like ours
laser beams, flying cars
live in peace, vibrate love
but there's no life on mars

You're slowly going backwards.
Track Name: Stay Human
I know you're still human but I..
I'm afraid for not to long
'cause the shit you're doing
you've just got to be moving on
please believe me
don't you believe me
there's something wrong

On the back of a turtle that's flying
or a spirit singing songs
some old gods creation
or the markets only son

I'm on earth and that's fact
I've got eyes and ears
a front and back
you've got your head up in the clouds
we've got our feet right on the ground
you say the worlds on fire
and painted black
you've got a lifestyle baby
that cant hold back
you'll build a rocket ship to mars
you'll go and colonize the stars

You send out that fear vibration
you set out to be free from nature
cause we don't have to stay here

Until the dying of the sun
we'll live on and on and on
or like dinosaurs before
return me to the soil
Track Name: Open Wide
Open wide
free your mind
All is one
come undone

The universe in all you see
be self aware and ego free
and now that you know
we don't need you at all
Track Name: The King is Dead (Long Live the King)
Now you know there is nothing there at all
the king is dead
the writings on the wall
and now you return to it all
will you return to it all?
Track Name: In Loving Memory
I don't need you at all
its time I see through it
all great empires they fall
by nature